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Ramping up for Durham by-election

Posted July 5th, 2012 by louis

Durham MP Bev Oda's resignation means there will be a federal by-election but it could be up to six months before the date is announced. Durham Greens will be ramping up to contest the election. Please contact riding association CEO Virginia Ervin through the contact page.


2011 Green Party Platform

It’s time. Vote Green.

In 2008, nearly one million Canadians
voted Green. Nearly one million Canadians voted for a better future, for a positive vision of Canada.

We are not a one-issue party!


We start with a vision of the society we want.

Does it advance the common good?

Does it advance global peace and security?

Does it address the needs of children

Does it ensure Canada’s continued quality of life and economic health?

Does it make families more secure?

Does it protect, enhance and restore the life support systems of the planet?

Does it promote systems − cultural, institutional, and technological − that are resilient and capable of adapting to shocks in a more unpredictable world?

Annual General Meeting

The 2013 AGM will be hosted at UOIT, Durham College by the Whitby-Oshawa Greens